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Serious Injury or Death

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Nobody ever plans a car accident, but accidents happen everyday on Florida roads. If you have been accused of causing a drunk driving accident, you could face serious consequences. The best way to protect your interests is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

DUI - Serious Injury

Under Florida law, a person who causes or contributes to the cause of a crash involving serious injury is subject to being charged with a DUI - Serious Injury. DUI - Serious Injury is a third-degree felony, level-seven offense, which means that penalties are severe. If convicted, you could be subject to a maximum of five years in the state prison. Under the Florida Sentencing Guidelines, a minimum mandatory sentence applies and is calculated based on various factors, including victim injury points. The more serious the personal injury, the more points earned. The mandatory fine for DUI - Serious Injury is the same as for felony DUI.

DUI - Manslaughter

If the person is driving under the influence and causes or contributes to the cause of a crash involving death, the person is subject to being charged with DUI - Manslaughter. It is a second-degree felony, level-eight offense, subject to 15 years in the state prison. The Florida Sentencing Guidelines apply. Without going into the details, a single death carries a minimum of approximately 10 years in prison. There is a mandatory permanent revocation of the driver's license.

Driver's License Revocation

If convicted of DUI - Serious Injury, you will also face a mandatory minimum three-year driver's license revocation. The mandatory license revocation period for DUI-manslaughter is lifetime revocation. For many Florida residents, losing a driver's license has an especially severe impact on their lives. Without a driver's license, it is difficult for many people to get to work. If you drive for a living and lose your CDL, you could lose your income.

At the Whited Law Firm, in Daytona Beach, we are a full-service DUI law firm. When we take your case, we handle all aspects of it, including your defense in criminal proceedings as well as administrative hearings to protect your driver's license.