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DUI Defense

At the Whited Law Firm in Daytona Beach, we explore every element of fact and law to help our clients beat drunk driving charges. From the initial traffic stop to the field sobriety tests, the Breathalyzer and other evidence collected against you, we are exceptionally thorough. It is our attention to detail that has helped us achieve a record of favorable results for clients.

Of course, each case is different. The defenses that work in your case may not work in another and vice versa. That is why it is critical to work with an experienced attorney who can help you effectively handle your case.

Defenses Related to the Arrest

Police officers need a reason to stop your car. They can't just pull it over for no reason at all. If the officer did not have legal justification for the traffic stop, you may be able to argue that the arrest never should have happened at all.

You may also be able to challenge improper legal procedures used during the arrest. If the officer broke the law when collecting it, the evidence against you should be inadmissible in court.

Challenging What the Police Officer Says

The officer's testimony against you is often the most critical piece of evidence the state has against you, so challenging it can be key to winning your case. If you can challenge the officer's observations or present evidence that might show that those observations were incorrect, you may be able to knock a big hole in the prosecution's case against you. It is nearly impossible to prove a case with insufficient evidence.

Challenging the Results of Blood, Breath and Urine Tests

Blood, breath and urine tests aren't always accurate. There are many things that make the results wrong. They can be administered incorrectly, at the wrong time or without the proper warnings and information. Food or medication that you consumed can also make the results incorrect.

At the Whited Law Firm, our founding partner, attorney Fleming Whited, literally wrote the book on DUI. He has published numerous articles, books and reference materials, many of which are used by other lawyers seeking to learn the law on drunk driving. These books outline many proven defenses that may be raised against drunk driving charges.