Legal Publications

All of the following drunk driving defense-related publications were authored in whole or in part by Flem K. Whited III.

Florida DUI Defense – Law, Tactics & Procedure
(Revere Legal Publishers 1993)

This 600 page book is the only complete guide to defending a DUI case in Florida. The eleven chapters contain a complete guide through the various DUI statutes. Every statute dealing with an issue related to a DUI case is outlined and all significant appellate decisions dealing with the statute are covered. Litigation Tips are frequently included for the reader.

In addition to the complete coverage of the DUI statutes, Chapter 9: Trial is divided into sections dealing with the legal issues related to jury selection, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, final argument and jury instructions.

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Drinking/Driving Litigation: Criminal and Civil
(Second Edition - West Group)

In 1984, having found the only multi-volume text on alcohol related litigation incomplete and inadequate, Don Nichols set out to write the definitive text on drinking/driving litigation. The original four-volume set was published in 1985. Mr. Nichols maintained the updates until 1996. In that year, Mr. Whited was selected from all the leading attorneys in the United States, to continue Mr. Nichols work. West Group Inc., the largest legal publishing company in the nation, requested Mr. Whited re-write the legal sections of the book. The book covers every legal issue related to a DUI/DWI case. The science sections have chapters describing the method of operation of all the major breath testing machines. The science of blood and urine testing for alcohol is covered along with post-mortem issues. There are chapters on the absorption, distribution and elimination of alcohol and proper scientific testing procedures.

The cost of the four-volume set is $550.00. The annual upkeep near that amount. The book is updated three times annually.

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Drinking/Driving Law Letter
(West Group)

The DDLL is a bi-monthly newsletter that reviews all the federal and state appellate court decisions dealing with DUI and related cases. All the cases are reviewed by Mr. Whited, personally. Significant cases, ones that change existing law, have extensive analysis of an issue, are selected for extensive briefing for the reader. Cases that are not so significant are still covered in shorter form. The briefing and highlighting are done in a fashion to save the reader valuable time. Each issue also comes with a "Subject Matter Index." This allows the reader to quickly determine if an issue contains a case on a current issue. There is also a mid-year and end-of-the-year index by state and subject matter.

Not counting the indexes, the year 2000 volume contained 582 pages of case analysis and updates on many scientific issues. A year subscription to the DDLL is $400.00.

Drinking/Driving Litigation: Criminal & Civil Trial Notebook
(Second Edition - West Group)

This 450 page softbound book is organized in the order in which key issues in drinking/driving cases typically arise. Outlines, checklists, practical suggestions, and numerous forms are included, as well as practical, step-by-step guidance through pre-trial, trial, and post-trial phases of a case. Highlights critical concerns in a case and provides procedural know-how to successfully try a case. Find techniques for effectively handling initial client contact, preliminary investigation, defense planning and strategy, pre-trial motions, cross-examination of state witnesses, objections, final arguments, jury instruction, post-trial motions, and sentencing.

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