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DUI Defense Training

In 1985, the Florida Bar Association sought input from various sources regarding potential speakers for a seminar they were sponsoring regarding the defense of a DUI case. Mr. Whited was recommended by a local judge for his drunk driving defense experience and expertise. That began a prolific career in teaching others how to successfully defend a DUI/DWI case. Consistently one of the highest rated speakers in the area of Drunk Driving Defense in the nation, Mr. Whited has spoken at over a hundred DUI defense seminars in over twenty states. His expenses are his only compensation. The time and effort it takes to prepare, travel and participate in the program are provided to the attorneys attending free of charge.

DUI Training provided to Florida Lawyers

Florida Bar Association sponsored Continuing Legal Education Programs

Mr. Whited has spoken for the General Practice, Young Lawyers, Criminal Law Sections and Traffic Rules Committee for the Florida Bar Association on virtually all aspects of defending a DUI case. Some of the topic areas include Closing Arguments (1986-1987); Voir Dire (1989); Expert Witnesses in a DUI Case (1990); Administrative License Suspension Issues (1994); DUI Statutory, Legislative, Case Law & Rules Updates (1992-2006).

Additionally Mr. Whited has also spoken at all of the "Masters of DUI" programs sponsored by the Florida Bar Association, 2006 being the most recent.

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Legal Education Programs

The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is an affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. From 1988 to 1997 he spoke on such topics as Suppression of Blood and Breath Alcohol Tests in DUI and DUI Manslaughter Cases; Voir Dire, and gave Legislative, Case Law and Rules Updates at their annual DUI Seminar.

At the time the program was being offered from 1997 to 2000, Mr. Whited was invited to speak at a DUI Seminar presented annually in such exotic locations as St. Kitts, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, and Aruba, sponsored by Lone Star Seminars. The program was attended by lawyers and judges from around the country. Four years out of the country and away from the FACDL was enough.

Mr. Whited gave his annual Case Law Update at their 2001 DUI Defense Seminar and each year since.

Mr. Whited is on the FACDL's Speaker Bureau. His lectures allow attendees at local chapter's monthly meetings to receive Florida Bar continuing legal education credit.

National DUI Training Programs

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer (NACDL)

NACDL is a ten thousand strong national association of only criminal defense lawyers dedicated to the aggressive defense of persons charged with crimes. They sponsor an annual DUI Defense Seminar. This series of continuing legal education programs began in 2002 when Mr. Whited was asked to organize the program format. Since then has been asked to speak on all aspects of defending the drinking driver. He was the only speaker in the country that had spoken at all of these programs until 2010 when he was unable to attend due to a lousy bad back. He is the highest rated speaker specializing in DWI cases.

Minnesota Society of Criminal Justice (MSCJ)

This organization was formed in the early 1980s by a group of DUI defense attorneys in Minnesota. They met frequently to discuss how to better defend their clients and maintain their sanity. Their first national legal education program was presented in 1988 in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Whited spoke on Closing Arguments that year and unveiled the now famous “Kane Story.” This was a personal anecdote dealing with how Mr. Whited first truly came face to face with the concept of “reasonable doubt.” The story has been told countless times through the years and still works. Lawyers from Maine to California relate their successes at trial with this little story.

The program titled Getting Tough on DWI - The Defense was presented annually every year since 1988 until 2003. That is a total of fifteen programs. Mr. Whited missed the 1989 and 1990 programs but has participated in every other program. The MSCJ programs usually are attended by 300-400 lawyers from around the nation.

National College for DUI Defense (NCDD)

Mr. Whited along with twelve other colleagues from around the USA formed this organization in Chicago, Ill in 1994. Their goal was to provide an extensive DUI training program, covering all areas of DUI defense, that the DUI defender could count on to be complete, and be in the same location and same time every year. They chose the campus of Harvard Law School for the location. The program is eight hours per day for three days. All invited speakers are required to be in attendance for the three full days. The first program was in 1995. The College began a Winter Session in 1997. Mr. Whited has participated in the 1997 - 1999 and 2005 Winter Programs in Mesa, Arizona; Charleston, South Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri; and Amelia Island, Florida.

He participated in the 1995 - 1998 programs as an instructor. He was the Dean and Program Chairman of the 1999 program. He stepped down as regent pursuant to NCDD protocal and is now a Fellow with the College.

Professional Education Systems Inc. DUI Training Programs

PESI was a private organization that recruited top lawyers in their field to provide continuing legal education programs in all areas of law. Their DUI Seminar was presented in three Florida cities each year from 1987 to 1992. Mr. Whited, another lawyer and a chemist participated in all fifteen (15) programs. These lectures provided extensive training to lawyers in preparation of a DUI case, jury selection, cross-examination of the arresting and testing officers, closing arguments, and instruction in all aspects of breath and blood alcohol testing.

American Legal Education Seminars

This privately owned organization is responsible for putting on the annual Mastering Scientific Evidence Seminar in Atlanta during the Masters Golf Tournament. Mr. Whited has participated as an invited speaker in four of these programs. His topics dealt with defenses to breath and blood testing evidence. Mr. Whited is one of only five lawyers in the country asked to participate in the mock trial the last two days of the program. Oh yes, the verdict was Not Guilty.

Cable Legal Education Satellite Network

This organization sponsored the 1991 "The Nations Best DWI Defense Lawyers Tell - HOW TO WIN A DRUNK DRIVING CASE" program. Mr. Whited participated along with four other lawyers. The program was attended by hundreds of lawyers in over 25 states.

National Trial Skills Project & Texas Courtroom Publications

“A Day with America's Best” 1997-2002
Mock Trial - Aticus Fintch Series

Of special significance are the three invitations to speak for Texas Courtroom Publications Seminars titled: DWI Defense: The DWI Trial with America's Best.

Another Texas group, Lone Star Seminars, invited Mr. Whited to speak at four seminars located in St. Kitts, Aruba, Costa Rica and Grand Cayman. These programs featured high profile defense attorneys nationally and from Texas.

Various State Continuing Legal Education Programs

In addition to all the above, Mr. Whited has been invited to attend and speak in the following State Bar Association or NACDL affiliate DUI training programs: Alabama (3), Arizona (3), Arkansas (2), Georgia (9), Idaho, Kentucky, Massachusetts (2), Mississippi (3), Missouri (5), Montana, Nebraska (3), New Mexico, Ohio (2), Oregon, So. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington (3).