What is your strategy if I hire you to be my lawyer?


Well, the first thing we do, if you hire us to be your attorney, is we start gathering information. I want to know everything that they've got on you. I want to know all the video evidence that they've got. I want to see every piece of paper that's been generated, all the police reports, documentation, things of that nature, in order to put the entire case together. I gather all that stuff up. I let you look at it, take a look at it, tell me what you think about it, and then we discuss the case together. Your file will look exactly like my file. When I get a video in, I look at it, I'll forward it to you to review. If I get a piece of paper in a police report, or an alcohol influence report, I'll give it to you to look at, review it, and then we discuss it, so that when the time comes to figure out what we're going to do ultimately, we're all on board with whatever course of action that we take.