What am I facing if I hurt, seriously injured, or killed someone?


If you've caused a crash and someone is seriously injured, that is a third-degree felony. You're facing up to five years in the state prison system. Under the sentencing guidelines that we have now, the mandatory minimum sentence, in other words, that the judge has to give you, is 51 months. There are certain ways that the judge can deviate down, that are outlined as mitigating circumstances, but you would have to prove that and the judge would have to go along with it, or the sentence can be reduced if there is a plea bargain between you, or your attorney, and the state attorney's office.

If someone is killed, that is a second-degree felony. You're facing up to 15 years in the Department of Corrections. The minimum would be 12 to 15 years under the sentencing guidelines. There's also a four-year mandatory minimum, which means the judge would have to give you four years. In those four years, you're not going to be getting any gain time. You're facing some substantial periods of time and these cases are treated very seriously by the state attorney's office.