I have heard of expert witnesses in DUI cases. What are they?


Well, as we were discussing blood and breath testing earlier, there are people out there that know a lot about the breath test machines that we use, and we are able to use these witnesses to come in and actually explain to a jury how a breath test machine works, and get their opinion on whether it's accurate or not, or reliable or not, or whether they should rely on it in coming to their conclusion of whether the state's proved your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Same way in blood testing; if there's been an error in the way the state's done it but the judge is gonna let it into evidence anyway, you may call an expert witness in to testify that, well that literally, because of that potential error, you should not place great weight on the blood test in the case.

We've also used expert witnesses on crash reconstruction, crash damage, human factors, night vision experts, design of roadways and intersections, all those things have been researched and people know a lot about it, or more than the normal person, and you use them in your cases to show that you didn't cause the crash, you couldn't have seen the stop sign, things of that nature.