How do you find a great DUI lawyer?


You have to do your research. Doctors are like lawyers. If you're going to have an operation and you're looking for a doctor that will operate on your heart, I don't think you want a young one to do that. You want someone that knows what they're doing, so you look at their background. Have they actually engaged in training of other lawyers? Have they written books on the subject? Things of that nature will tell you who really knows what they're doing. Don't just look at the website and say that they've handled 5,000 cases. Look into their background. How many appellate court cases have they handled? How many cases have they actually tried? Things of that nature.

I've been engaged in the training of DUI lawyers now for over 30 years actually physically going out and training other lawyers on how to pick juries, cross-examine cops, deliver closing arguments, attacking breath tests, and things of that nature. You want a really experienced one, you need to dig in and do your research. Ask court personnel, ask a policeman, things of that nature. Again, follow through on your research. Don't just hire the first person that you talk to.